Our Services

All our grooming services will include.
A pre-bath check of the skin and coat condition so we can use the appropriate natural shampoo and conditioner We then give your dog a warm, massaging bath and coat condition to get them squeaky clean. After a good rub down with a towel we use a combination of our dryers to completely dry and groom the full coat, making it free of any tangles (please note if the tangles have become to tight to groom we may have to clip them off to prevent discomfort and possible skin problems caused by matting, this is discussed beforehand where possible). Once the coat has been fully prepared we can then style your dog to the haircut we have previously discussed, making your dog look truly beautiful. We finish with a spritz using one of our fragrances so your dog will smell as gorgeous as they look.

All grooms include
: Nail clipping
: Ear care
: Anal gland (expressing can be done by request.)


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Bathing 2

De shedding

These grooms are recommended for all those dogs with moulting coats. We blast the undercoat with high velocity dryers. These not only massage the skin but blow out that unwanted moulting hair. It can dramatically reduce the amount of hair shedding on your carpets.

Our De-shedding service includes:
: Warm bath and condition (anal glands expressed if required)
: Blast and groom using de shedding equipment
: Nail clip
: Ear care
: Fragrance spritz

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Full groom

This is the full works, inclusive of everything from a lovely warm bath to the finished hair style. We either use clippers and/or hand scissoring to obtain the style that best suits your dog. Most dogs are in the salon for approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours for this service. To keep your dog maintained in a style we recommend they are trimmed every 6-10 weeks depending on your dog's breed and hairstyle
Our full groom service includes:
: Warm bath and condition (glands can be expressed if requested)
: Full dry and coat brush out
: Styled and finished (to your specific request)
: Nail trim
: Ear care
: Fragrance spritz

Trims 1
Trims 2

Hand stripping

Hand stripping is when the coat is hand stripped rather than the use of clippers to obtain a style. This is where dead hair is taken out and the new undercoat is left. Hand stripping is to help keep the colour and texture of the dog's coat and used on some breeds where clipping may change this. Hormone changes after neutering can also change the dog's coat texture, so hand stripping may not always be an option. To successfully hand strip your dog, the coat must be ready with dead hair coming out easily to avoid discomfort. Please contact us for any further advice.
Our hand stripping service includes:
: Prep - bath strip and prep
: Warm bath (anal gland expressed if requested)
: Full dry and coat brush out
: Finish strip and style
: Nail trim
: Ear care
: Fragrance spritz

Maintenance groom

We offer this service to clients who don't necessarily want a haircut but a bath and full brush out to help keep their dog’s skin and coat clean and healthy. We remove any tangles before they become too difficult to brush out thus keeping your dog looking beautiful. They can come in as often as you feel necessary.
Our Maintenance Groom includes:
:Warm bath and condition (anal glands expressed if requested)
: Fluff dry and full
: Coat brush out
: Eyes, feet and sanitary areas trimmed if required
: Nail clip
: Ear care
: Fragrance spritz

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Puppy groom

It's very exciting having a new addition to the family. Whether it's a scruffy and fluffy Labradoodle, Cockerpoo or Westie or it may just be a silky short haired Labrador, Pug or bulldog. All puppies need to be introduced to the basic techniques of being handled and of course grooming to prepare them for their adult life.

We always encourage and highly recommend puppy grooming sessions. Sometimes just a simple bath, groom, nails and tidy of eyes, feet or any hygiene areas is a great learning experience for them. It helps get them used to being handled, brushed or even experience different noises, sights and smells. There is nothing better than a puppy cuddle. We recommend their first one to be a quieter appointment slot, we are happy to advise the best appointment times to suit your individual puppy’s needs. We have various treats and toys but if you prefer they can bring their own. They are with us for 1 to 1.5 hours. We can either arrange a collection time or a phone call if preferred. We recommend that all puppies can come to visit, soon after they have finished their vaccination course.

Our puppy grooming packages include:

: Warm bath and condition(anal glands expressed if requested)
: Fluff dry and full coat brush out
: Eyes, feet and sanitary areas trimmed if required
: Nailclip
: Ear care
: Fragrancespritz